Your Talents:

Do you play an instrument? Do you sing? Do you like to tinker with lights and sound? Do you like to speak publicly about the Bible and the spiritual life? Then you should totally check into where you can be plugged in on Sunday mornings for our worship service. Contact Justin Dunn for speaking and Monte Lykins for all else.

Your Car:

We have a few people in our church who are unable to drive, and we need people to volunteer to bring them to church once a month for service on sunday. If interested, contact Randal McClimans.

Your Patience:

One thing about Legend, we have lots of children! Like for real.... lots of children! And we need help! To teach them, watch them, and to be with them. If interested, contact Delayne Thornburg.

Your Hard Work:

It takes a lot of effort to set up and tear down every week. We have teams that get together once a month to be in charge of setting up and tearing down our Sunday service. If interested contact Jason Wilcoxon.

Your Planning Skills:

We love to do events! We love to get together! We don't love planning those events with all the details that they incur. Does this sound like you? If so then contact Justin Dunn.

Your Friendly Persona:

We have teams that meet and greet everyone who walks into Legend every week. Interested in saying "Hi" to make someones day better? Then contact Randal McClimans.

Your Prayers:

We have a collection of folks who get together once a month to pray over issues in the world, the community, and the church. To pray for people and one another. To write encouraging notes and to bring a new spirit to our daily successes and struggles. Interested in praying for others? Contact Justin Dunn.

Your Social Prowess:

So Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Xanga, and Tumblr are all things right? Or maybe not. We would love a team of people who to help control our Social Media. Updates, pictures, emails and general communication. If you think you have this skill, we would love to borrow it! Contact Randal McClimans.

Your Creativity:

Like to make things? Like to use that natural gift from God to create? We would love your help in all sorts of areas of artistic endeavors. Stage design, Slide design, general signage and flow, artistic pieces for teachings, etc. If this is you, send an owl to Justin Dunn.

Kids Band:

Kids are pretty important part of Legend - what with there being about 10,000 of them - and we're always looking for meaningful ways to get them involved in the life of our community. This year, on the months with 5th Sundays, we're going to have our kids help lead us in worship! This past week was our first get together, and they sounded great! We're so excited for them to lead us in March! If your kids plays an instrument or sings and would like to get involved, have them reach out to Danielle Thornburg, who has grabbed this project by the horns! Throughout the year, we'll be looking for ways to include more kids!



Faith and Sexuality conversations are not easy. They touch deeply held beliefs, emotions and experiences and often create tension. LOVEboldly seeks reconciliation and healing in the center of that tension.

Interfaith Hospitality Network

Serving the poor and homeless.

Eve Center

Serves women, many whom suffer from various kinds and levels of abuse and emotional trauma.

Starfire Council – Cincinnati

Works to build better lives for people with developmental disabilities and to remove barriers to opportunities in the community.

Taste of Grace Ministries

In the last year, Legend has been connected with a local ministry called Taste of Grace, who are doing amazing work connecting with folks in Cincinnati who need help with food or with clothing and a variety of other basic needs.  ToG regularly creates go bags full of basic supplies, makes and hands out meals and is loving and serving folks all over our city. They can use your help in a variety of ways!  On the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month they gather to make meals and hand them out downtown near the library.  They are always collecting personal hygiene supplies to hand out.  If you'd like to get more involved, please connect with Cathy Neely on a Sunday morning, or check out their website or their Facebook page!

Puente International

Legend has partnered with our long time friend, Andrew Butz, to support his missionary work in Costa Rica!   Through education, emigration and employment work, Andrew and his team of folks are working to better folks' lives in CR, and they'd love your help!  Head over to their website, and join Legend in financially supporting the awesome work they're doing!