Stuff we do

Barrel Aged Christianity
Sunday, Feb 16th @ 7-9 pm
Casual Pint Oakley Station

Join us for more in-depth discussion and study on the topic of Holy Spirit and how people in the church are gifted to serve the church and see God’s kingdom at work in the world. We’ll be starting in 1 Corinthians and then branching out into the scriptures, the Church fathers, and the broader history for how the church has thought about this topic. This is a great and informal place to invite your friends and neighbors as we both learn more and think more about how we apply these ideas to our lives and our communities.


Monthly Prayer Gathering
24 February 2020 @ 7-8 pm
3836 Mt. Vernon Ave (Jason and Kim's House)

Did you know that each month, folks from Legend gather to pray for our church, our community and the wider world around us? We would love for you to join us at the Wilcoxon’s house, on the 4th Monday of each month, from 7-8 pm. It’s an hour long gathering in an informal setting This is a low-impact way of adding prayer into our regular lives, and beginning to pray for the people of our faith community!


Town Hall Meeting
8 March 2020 @ 7 pm
Casual Pint, Oakley Station

Once a quarter, we gather as a church to think about what God has been doing in our community for the last few months, and to plan and hope for the following months! We'd love your input and your support each time we gather! We decided this year to move our meetings to CP, as a way to save on paying rent at Artsville, a way to support a local business who has been great to us, and for what should be a fantastic place!