Stuff we do

Barrel-Aged Theology (Theology of Paul)
starts Sunday, July 14 @ 7pm
The Casual Pint (Oakley Station)

Join us this summer as we take a deep dive into the theology and actions of a man who became a lynchpin of Christian and world history! We'll meet on Sundays in July at Casual Pint, and discuss Paul's motivations, actions and his understanding of God as he worked through the new creation announced by the resurrection of Jesus.


After Church Picnic
Sunday, July 21 @ 11:45am
Bramble Park

Rather than meeting at a restaurant after church, join us at Bramble park for a picnic lunch - bring your own food and drink and come hang out with us on a beautiful summer day!


Day at the Pool!
Sunday, July 28 @ 1pm
Madisonville Recreation Center

We're working on a day where Legend Rents a pool for all of us to hang out at! Details are still being ironed out with the City, but we wanted to get this on people's schedules as they're planning their summer!

More details to follow!


Volunteer at Madisonville Streetfest
Saturday, August 3 @ 9am
Downtown Madisonville (Madison + Whetsel)

Our neighborhood has a party - and we wanna help out! Stay tuned here for more details about ways we can get involved in helping Madisonville thrive and flourish!


Town Hall Meeting
Sunday, September 15 @ 7pm
Legend Community Church (Artsville)

Help us jump into a mid-year review of what God has been doing and where we think God is going next for Legend Community Church! We love your feed back and input on how we can best serve you guys and the community around us, and would love to dream and anticipate what that would look like in the coming months!