COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates:

Our leadership team has been thinking about and working through what a return to in-person worship would look like for months.  We started talking about it in the summer of 2020 with the purpose of trying to come up with a process that protected our community, enabled us to grow in our faith and worship, and served each other and the neighborhoods we live in with love and grace as best we could.  For the last few weeks, you’ve (hopefully!) seen us fiddling with how to maintain a presence on Zoom, a presence at Artsville, and finally a broadcast to social media, doing our best to safely and responsibly meet the needs of as many folks as possible.

Sunday Morning New Normals:

As we’ve done since this began, we are going to take the lead of the CDC and Health Boards around our communities. 

That means from now on, masks are required only for non-vaccinated folks.  That means our kids are still going to be wearing them, and we’re going to ask our adults who are working with kids downstairs to also have masks. 

We’d also like to ask folks to continue signing up if you have children in our Children’s ministry.  This gives us a handle on how many kids we’re going to have and helps us to be safe as we care about our little ones! 

Keith and some folks who still worship with us online are gathering on Zoom around 9:45 am, if you’d like a more interactive time with our church community - it’s a great chance to get to see other folks and check in, especially if you haven’t been worshipping in community for a while.  If you have problems with the link, the Meeting ID is 853 9972 2982 and thePasscode is 129580.  

As always, if you’d be interested, you’re welcome to join us on Facebook live.