Our Story

Legend was conceived in late 2006, and sprung out of a bible study at a church that Jason and Justin were employed at.  Over the course of a couple of months and years of asking God what he wanted them to do, and asking for advice from elders and trusted friends, it became clearer that God was calling us to "plant" a church in Oakley.  Since then, most everything has looked differently than anyone had anticipated at the beginning, and a church that doesn't look like most other churches in our area has emerged.

Rather than being driven primarily by doctrine, Legend has strived since the beginning to build a community defined by the person of Jesus, within which questions and diversity are viewed as a healthy thing.  There are a lot of folks here from a lot of different social, economic, cultural and religious backgrounds, but all united in their pursuit of Jesus and his way.  That has helped us to create an environment where biblical teaching and community groups have formed around Jesus, and in which we can have great conversation and growth in a safe environment.

in 2007 we began meeting in the Oakley Community and Rec Center, having our normal Sunday morning gatherings in this city space, which allows us to have a great relationship with a great service organization in the city and gives us the freedom to do other special events in the community.  Our groups tend to meet in people's houses or coffee shops throughout the community, and it's common to see us involved in community events.