Barrel Aged Theology

Sundays, July 8 - 22

@ Oakley Casual Pint

Join us on Sunday evenings for a more in-depth bible study, with some fun folks and great beers! The conversation will be engaging and you're sure to learn something you didn't know before as we think about and explore the theological underpinnings of what we believe!

This is a great place to bring friends and family, and no pre-reading is required!


Oakley Community Dinner

Third Wednesday of every month

@ Oakley United Church of Christ


Pool Day

July 15

@ Madisonville Community Center



We're big believers that the most important thing that can happen in a church is that deep and abiding relationships are the absolutely most important part of a church community and how churches should grow.  Most of our energy and direction is aimed at building ways for the people of Legend to connect with and build relationships with Jesus, and then ways for people to build and connect relationships with each other.


Legend has a couple of Ministry areas where we are always looking for help. Our Children's ministry is always looking for dedicated volunteers to build relationships with our kids and to teach them about Jesus.  We also work monthly at the Oakley Community Dinner, a multi-church effort to provide meals and relationships to people in the Oakley community.  This takes place on the 4th Wednesday of every month, from 4-7 pm at the Taylor Ave United Church of Christ. Finally, there are always opportunities to help us in the leading of our community groups that meet throughout the neighborhood during the week.  If you'd like to lead or host a group, we would love to connect you with folks!  We're also always looking for musicians to help lead our worship on Sunday morning.


In a small church like Legend, there are always a ton of opportunities to volunteer :D  Every Sunday morning, we need help with setting up and tearing down our worship space and loading eerything back in the trailer.  Throughout the year, we volunteer at various Oakley community events, in an effort to serve and love the people of our community.  Our community dinner can always use volunteer help.  If there's anything you'd like to do, just ask :D